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Wooden Cover Notebook with Totoro
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Made from a real wood this creative Notebook will bring you a real feeling that Totoro is here! Write down everything what comes into your mind: use is a planner, diary or a lesson notebook.

  • Best item for your ideas and inspiration;

  • Good as gift for yourself or a friend;

  • 3 unique designs with Totoro;

  • 40 paper sheets inside;

  • Size: 18*13 cm / 7.1*5.1 in.

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5 (5 reviews)
Matthew D***f 09/19/17
super cool notebook! Delivery was just in time!
Berta K****g 09/23/17
I love this notebook, very unique. thank you
Nicholas D*****c 10/03/17
wow! such a great deal! arrived in 2 weeks
Cyril D****g 10/19/17
was carefully packed and exactly as on picture. thanks!
Jack D*****r 11/13/17
I can 100% recommend this store
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