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Rotatable Konoha Naruto Necklace
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Konohagakure is the hidden village in the Land of Fire. It is the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. This Naruto Necklace with Konoha might be a lovely gift for friends and family or even a gift to yourself!

  • Beautiful pendant;

  • Cool item for cosplay or everyday use;

  • Metal material;

  • Length 42 cm + 6 cm.

  • Size 4cm*4cm.

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5 (5 reviews)
Christina F. 09/23/17
super cool pendant! I am very satisfied
Conrad G*****R 09/13/17
I am really impressed - received order so quick. Thanks
Aude D*****o 10/04/17
This is the best anime store ever! guys you have there quite rare stuff. Recommend!
emma S. 11/08/17
Such a good store for gift shopping. I received my order in 2 weeks - everything came in perfect condition.
fabio 10/12/17
This pendant is very cute. Rotates round, how described.
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