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Hatake Kakashi Face Mask with Zipper
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Classic face mask of Hatake Kakashi. The complete note of your Naruto cosplay and even suitable for daily wear as anti-dust protection. Size is suitable for adults with zipper closing and comfortable neck ring.

  • Material: cotton;

  • Zipper closure;

  • Elastic neck ring;

  • Soft and comfy.

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4.7 (5 reviews)
Customer 04/18/18
Cool! it's actually very soft and comfortable! And kinda anti-dust so I'm gonna try and wear it casually.
Customer 04/06/18
Great mask, high quality!
Customer 04/27/18
Nice for cosplay roleplay - it's breathing and not very tight, so I could run and jump. Also the photo in coplay is cool! Thank you!
Customer 04/18/18
It's okay. Not very accurate if you look close, but for cosplay event and photos will do. Especially if you retouch photos after - then it's just perfect. Also the fabric is good.
Customer 05/09/18
I'm very happy with zipper, because mask is really adjustable and easy to wear!
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