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2 pcs/set Naruto Ninja Cosplay Headband (20 types)
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What can be better than one cosplay headband? Two headbands! Just imagine: you’ll be able to create two different cosplay looks with them or.. make your friend a shinobi too!

Getting 2 pieces in a set you pay less!

  • Cute and collectible headbands – get a full collection!

  • Engraved with the symbol of villages;

  • Necessary part of your cosplay costume;

  • Adjustable size;

  • Stylish metal plate;

  • Size: 12 cm / 4.7 in;

  • Length: 95 cm / 37.4 in.

Shipping: Free
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5 (14 reviews)
ben Morty 01/17/18
received headbands today, very happy with the purchase. the 2ns one was for my friend
C***b 04/02/18
i love them so freaking much! thank you. very good deal. will order again
N***k 03/21/18
thats it! you made me your loyal customer =)
M***y 03/05/18
arrived in good condition. look just as i expected
O***o 11/24/17
Cool) thanks
B***o 11/25/17
Great. Items arrived. Good quality. Would recommend!
G***a 11/14/17
Good store
L***c 11/23/17
Customer 04/14/18
Very nice
A***a 09/21/17
L***s 09/12/17
Jacky G. F****e 11/20/17
It's really cheap to buy headbands in a set, thanks
Joshua S. 11/28/17
it's my 3rd and 4th headbands, I like to cosplay different ninjas. Finding your store was a big help, thanks a lot!!!
D***n 04/20/18
great deal! two items for 18 bucks. also appreciate free shipping option
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